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So I recently had the question posed regarding my inspiration. Now I could take the shortcut and say that so many things inspire me that I can’t list them all. This is partially true – one, because if I sat and listed all those things, I would be wasting time better sort writing and two, I do mind-mapping when looking for ideas, and it hardy looks like a list by the time I’m done with it. Heck, sometimes it doesn’t seem useful at all, the ideas being very disparate ones. Occasionally, though, some of those weird things start tying themselves together in a rather novel (pun intended) fashion. The latest, as an example: (okay, not necessarily the latest, since “he” has been bothering me for a few years) I like fantasy stories, I love Monty Python, I love the video game Diablo (since the first one, and no, I am not a milkmaid), I love MMA. How could these come together? Ennid is how. Years ago I came up with an idea for a Diablo-based story (can’t even call it fan fiction since it never got beyond the idea) but it faltered and fell back into the idea box. Years later, I get hooked on watching UFC (except for Joe Rogan. Cannot stand that guy, and Dana White should just find someone else for Goldberg to flirt with). One if the things I simply love about MMA fights is that, more often than not, I get to witness a brutal, primal beatdown between two alpha males who look like they’re about ready to kill each other, but as soon as it’s over, they shake and hug and congratulate one another. I’d like to believe that all of them are really good guys in and out of the octagon (especially you, Clay Guida!). That inspired me to create a tough guy with a gentle heart who gets himself into trouble more often than not because he isn’t willing to take the easy way out of his problems by bashing heads in. Instead, he’s got to use his brains and heart before his brawn. And, of course, he’s a sucker for a woman in trouble, which is where most of his trouble starts. There’s a lot of story around Ennid to play with, and I think I’m going to have a lot of fun going back to his world from time to time.

Took a brief time off from writing the blog or posting due to the passing of my wonderful grandmother, Ruth V. Stough. I could give you all the cliches about her, that she was kind, gentle, a wonderful grandmotherly woman and such. Sure, she did typical granny things like cooking and baking and yes, she even crocheted (but was never one for knitting, as far as I know). Nanny could be loud and outspoken but she loved every one of us, her extensive line of grandchildren, great/grandchildren and even a couple of great-greats. If anyone enjoyed a wonderful British comedy or mystery, it was my Nanny. And I can’t leave out the Orioles – hell or high water, no matter how well or how badly their season went (or bad deals. I didn’t hear the end about that “traitor” Mike Mussina heading to the Yankees for a very long time). She also instilled in me a very spiritual sense, that God and Jesus aren’t in the motions we go through but in the relationship we have with Them and how we treat others. In light of this blog, and my published works, I would be completely remiss if I didn’t mention that my Nanny was the person who, more than anyone else, encouraged my writing and my stories. As I stated in the dedication for one of my anthologies, she remembered more about my stories that I told her than even I did. None if this would be possible without her, in more ways than I can list.

I love you, Nanny, now and always…