Public Service Announcement

Posted: July 12, 2019 in Uncategorized

You’ve heard “Save early, safe often” a thousand times, and probably AFTER you’ve lost that masterpiece manuscript you just KNEW was going to skyrocket your writing career to the stars and forever engrave your name in the granite monument of literary genius.

But what about “Save somewhere else.”?

Yeah, I should have done that. Now I’m panicking because some of the projects I’ve been working on could possibly be lost for good, unless my old friend (you know who you are) comes through. See, my motherboard on my laptop decided it was no longer going to function. Just like that. I encountered a black screen of death–sort of. The laptop still powered up, but all I got was a black screen. Couldn’t get it to go into Safe Mode, couldn’t get it to stay powered on for more than two minutes.

Bloody but unbowed, I got another laptop and some peripheral equipment to be able to read the drives I’d had in the old one. Except now the drives were reading as “Unformatted” and “Unallocated”. Panic mode! Like I said, I’m waiting to hear from my friend on whether or not the data can be pulled so I can get my files and keys for downloaded software licenses that were there. Including my Scrivener, which will make me very, very sad if I have to purchase yet another license (long story).

Anyway, the moral is save your important stuff somewhere else, and preferably in multiple places.

That is all.

Next week, back to the horror. Until then…

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