Let’s Face It… I’m Terrible at Blogging

Posted: March 13, 2020 in Uncategorized

Everyone on this planet should be honest with themselves in all things. After all, how can we start our own character arc of growth if we don’t admit the truth (most often some fault we refuse to see, let alone examine and excise)? So here’s one of mine: I am terrible at blogging. Maybe the articles or what I write is interest but that’s not really the blogging. Blogging – “weB-Logging” requires more of the latter than the former. Logging was a HUGE deal back when I was in the military. It was almost like “if it isn’t logged, it didn’t happen.” Significant gaps in any log book would cause considerable consternation. Especially late at night, when you got stuck with the watch and there was literally, in many cases, no notable activity. That leveled some scrutiny in your direction: “Were you sleeping, Petty Officer Neff?” to combat the questions, you’d note pathetic things:

0235 (that’s 2:35 AM for you non-mil folks) heard noise in maintenance room. Investigated but found nothing. (Note: you ALWAYS heard noise from maintenance rooms. You know, like machinery…)

Logs were a very important tool then and so very long before that, and will be in the future (Captain’s Log, Star date blah blah blah). The one thing they had was consistency. Which I do not. Unless I’m consistent at being terribly inconsistent… conundrum for another time.

This the bottom line is I am bad at blogging, and that’s the first step, admitting it. Now I just have to do something about it without setting myself up for failure (again).

What about you? Encountered anything that is essential to your success in any endeavor that you know you needed to overcome?

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