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I write what I am, and I write what I love.

Since childhood (yes, I was and still am weird), I have loved the sub-genre of science fiction, post-apocalyptia. I also love mysteries. Why not blend the two, I say to myself?

Since childhood, I have also loved science fiction. I grew up on a steady diet devouring Asimov, Ellison, Pohl, Harrison, Heinlein while most of my friends were still snacking on Tiger Beat or Seventeen. I admit there was a heavy dose of Star Wars space opera thrown in there too, but that was airy whipped cream on an incredibly dense and spicy slice of pumpkin pie.

Since childhood (feel the theme here?) I have loved fantasy, and not just the elves-dwarves-wizards stuff but the really dark and deep fantasy that can get me into trouble with my parents if they found out I was reading it. Throw in some of the Conan fantasy and you’ve got what I’m going for.

Truth is, I love it most every genre.

I write what I love.